The head track of the road network leading to the Aquincum - Újpest Danube Bridge is part of a fully constructed circular system, which begins with Bécsi Road on Buda, passes through Aquincum’s Danube Bridge, follows the Körvasút track to cross the Danube once again through the new Csepel - Albertfalva Danube Bridge and finally connect to the M1-M7 motorway, with a total length of 32 km.

As part of this multidisciplinary project Korzó was responsible for the rejuvenation of adjacent green areas. Interventions included the renewal of existing tree allees, the installation of new ones and the establishment of shrub and lawn surfaces. Besides purely functional aspects we also focused on adding environmental value, a green linear corridor to the road, increasing the aesthetic value of the area. In the compilation of the planting mixtures we made sure to use local, indigenous species and well-functioning planting combinations.


Permission plan

Landscape regeneration plan

Lead designer: Főmterv Zrt.

Size: 146.250 m2


open space design


In the early half of the 2000s, we prepared open space designs for Tesco stores in five different locations of the country: Cegléd, Dunaújváros, Kaposvár, Szolnok and Zalaegerszeg. Although some features and requirements were slightly different, we prepared a uniform design methodology.

When it comes to designing such facilities, the establishment of large horizontal plane surfaces is a basic task.  We separated each surface with low degree slopes and hedges & groundcover planting. Where possible, were framed the design area with a line of trees variegated by groups of schrubs.

Naturally, all requirements of OTÉK (Building Code) were taken into account during the design of the parking lots. Newly installed trees were placed in the central zone of the parking strip, with raised edges protecting the green areas.

Cycle stands and benches are placed at each main entrance, while waste collectors are located along the facade and at shopping cart storage units. Pedestrians are protected from car traffic with a line of fixed bollards.


Construction plan

Client: Tesco Rt.

Size: Total of 80.000 m2 


Railway no. 17.


By commission of GYSEV Zrt., the line of GYSEV Railway no. 17. underwent a complex regeneration, including the modernization of road crossing and safety devices necessary for the electrification of railway line (Szombathely - Zalaszentiván). These interventions are supplemented by the development of passenger facilities, new telecommunication and spatial lighting networks and the revitalization of vegetation (woodcutting and planting works).


construction plan -
landscape regeneration plan

Client: Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurti Railway Zrt.

Lead designer: Cashfund – Ákmi – Főmterv – Uvaterv Consorcium

Size: 41.800 m railroad