Land eXpert garden design software

The program has been developed with many years’ experience in design; it is an application of AutoCAD, the most frequently used professional software. Our aim is to help landscape architects make their work more comfortable and to increase their efficiency. With the automation of repetitive tasks, the designer can pay full attention to creative activities, while his plan is always up-to-date and relevant.

Due to the fact that the program uses standard AutoCAD components, plans and drawings can also be visualized on computers that are not equipped with the Land eXpert system (however, the special Land eXpert functions will not work in this case).

The program covers every step of the planning process: from tree inspection to design, from documentation to maintenance. The application manages planning application documents and final construction drawings in a single file. There is a possibility to get different grouping options, therefore territory impoundments and phasing are easy to handle.

The names and main features of existing and planned plants are available in a .txt database. The details of individual plants can be seen and edited in the ’Features’ window. The planned plants do not have to be given numbers manually, as numbering is done automatically in an alphabetical order.

Land eXpert garden design software: 220 000 HUF (gross price)

The software is available in the design studio.
Please contact us to arrange a program presentation.