waterfront regeneration


Our priority was to create multifunctional spatial foundations for social, economic, and environmental growth in Püspökszilágy. The reconstruction of built and natural elements of the square increases life quality in its immediate surroundings, and therefore attracts high quality services that take this growth even further towards functional diversification. Another intent of our spatial design concept was to establish individual square-segments where community life can take over public space. We avoided enforcing specific uses on these public areas, and aimed to provide a transformable setting for various recreational and cultural activities.

During the planning process, we also focused on creating spaces suitable for summer school and camping programs held in the settlement. We aimed to enrich the town center with features that help getting acquainted with nature and our environment.
The design area was divided into five functional units, which are streamlined by the settlement’s creek. Information boards are laid out within each unit and at important sights to add an educational feature to the path that follows the stream from one green space to another.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Püspökszilágy

Size: 8.600 m2

Estimated cost: 16 800 000 HUF




Our aim was to highlight the unique landscape values and characteristics of Hegyalja in the bath garden, along with providing a better display and emphasis for the historical significance of the cold water source at the meeting of the mountains and the plain. The source has been described as water with medicinal properties; therefore its importance in local history is outstanding. The park underwent a complex reconstruction, thus becoming the starting point as well as the destination of the touristic route.

On the hills of Napos-dűlő a resting place and a lookout terrace to the Danube has also been installed within the project framework. The nature trail leading up to Nagy Hill introduces the area’s natural, historic and cultural attractions to the viewer. The nature trail consists of 6 stops, all of them accompanied by a resting area.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Bekecs

Size: 5.400 m2