By commission of the Municipality of Budaörs, we designed a kindergarten playground located at 17 Rózsa Street. The design area has two distinctive parts, the green area to the right of the main entrance and the U-shaped courtyard.

The courtyard’s renewed asphalt pavement is coated with a playfully colored paint layer, while the playground is covered with a rubber pavement. The existing two sandboxes are allocated within the garden, trees and other vegetation are placed in planters.

The outer courtyard’s size proposes a larger green surface. The sandboxes and smaller sprint games are placed in its central lawn area. Delimited by a hedge, the swing and a playcastle provides a safe and cheerful playing environment.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Budaörs

Size: 950 m2



The complex educational center designated by the Municipality consists of 24 primary schools, music schools, 6 kindergartens, sport and event halls in the southern part of the town in order to serve nearby residential areas. Korzó took its part by creating the spatial design of the adjacent open spaces.

The principle of design was to create a tight, yet somewhat playful, free spatial structure fit for the building. These free-formed, individual spaces aim to give room to the emergence of different modes of use.

The whole design area has been designed in a uniform style and perspective. In terms of different functions we allocated a reception area, a school garden and a nursery garden. The reception area is the entrance hall of the school, where the parking lot can potentially transform into a venue area. The school garden is divided into a playground, a sports hall, an outdoor concert hall, a backyard school subdivisions. These spaces encourage students to work and socialise, encouraging interaction and idea exchanges across the disciplines. The secluded nursery garden is shielded from the other open spaces by the kindergarten building.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Szigetszentmiklós

Lead designer: HAP Tervezőiroda Kft.

Director of design: Anikó Andor (Land-A Kft.)

Size: 30.000 m2

Estimated cost: 487 000 000 HUF




The main objective of the park's establishment was to improve the uneven distribtion of green areas in northwestern parts of Cinkota with this new sporting and recreational area. While the site was designed in a uniform style and mindset, its many functions - playgrounds, sports grounds, and verdant areas (grasslands and intermittent woodlands) – make up for a diverse outdoor experience.

The northern part of the site hosts the playground, while the sports field is located at its southern part. The axis of the inner walkway designates two parts of the playground, one for younger and another for older age groups. Benches and waste bins were offset along the exploration route evenly. The sand and rubber covers at fall protection surfaces ensure a safe playing environment. The playgrounds are enclosed by artificial hills and hedged vegetation from the surrounding streets. The planting is enriched with mature trees, medium-sized drought-tolerant shrubs and groundcover. The 15x30m wide rubber-covered sports ground is surrounded by a protective fence. The adjacent artificial hills also function as spectator areas.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of District XVI., Budapest

Constructor: Tündérkert ’97 Bt.

Size: 3.480 m2

Estimated cost: 45 000 000 HUF