Promoting community collaboration and connectivity was one of our priorities for the design of the playground on Gagarin Street in Mágocs, by creating orientations, emphases and logical access routes from each direction. These vibrant promenades connect a number of reception squares, emphasizing the feeling of arrival.  The shared play spaces consist of smaller pocket squares with seating surfaces and furniture.

While the playground design meets the requirements of EU standards, our aim was to create a playfield with a cheerful community feeling where locals have a sense of belonging, a shared identity.
Filling the area with functions will improve life quality on the long term, may stimulate socio-economic growth, and help with the migration trends of the settlement.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Mágocs

Size: 3.920 m2

Estimated cost: 46 600 000 HUF


CINKOTa, budapest


Located in District XVI, Budapest, Cinkotai leisure park becomes a public meeting place for residents and youth of the district, providing a pleasant passage, featuring a variety of outdoor sports equipment to promote physical well-being. It makes its contribution to improve community life and strengthen social relationships.
The WWI monument dominating the space is complemented by a paved resting area. The left bank of brook Caprera is structured into terraces of stone blocks to make the water and the transitional vegetation accessible. To invite wonder and interest new trees and plant surfaces are designed, keeping the importance of the park's transparency in mind.
Modern street furniture and metal fitness equipment add further interest to the park. New candelabras are arrayed along the central hub and its main traffic directions. The memorial is is also illuminated within the framework of the rejuvenation works.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of District XVI, Budapest

Size: 5.300 m2

Estimated cost: 20 500 000 HUF





We designed an extreme sports park in Jászberény using the existing elements of the former ice rink. The layout of the area is adapted to extreme sports and provides space for additional elements (graffiti wall, meeting place).

The elements of the track were constructed with an additional concrete coating over the existing structure. We designed wooden seating areas where spectators and athletes can both relax, and secured an empty asphalt surface where trials can build the required infrastructure. This interface can also be used for seasonal concerts and award ceremonies.

The rejuvenated sports park, besides being attractive to athletes, must also serve as a meeting point for youth. The main goal was to create a popular, youthful, modern area. To make users feel at home, we placed mobile street furniture that can be transformed, moved to their own needs. The sports park is also equipped with a free climbing wall and an outdoor trampoline.


Permission plan

Client: Municipality of Jászberény

Size: 6.500 m2

Estimated cost: 61 000 000 HUF




The project was initiated in connection with the Metro4 project, due to the need for environmental management around the ventilation facility at Bocskai út. The concept was to create a treasure island-type (Kincses sziget means Treasure Island) atmosphere in the urban jungle. This is achieved by winding beaches, the palm trees, and a lush jungle atmosphere. The sandy play surface is marked by a loose rope fence with wooden posts. The playground offers activities for age groups 1-3 and 4-12. The adventure begins on a wooden crashed plane on the ‘shore’ with camouflage imitating rope-nets to climb, and continues in the “water” with a climbing labyrinth, slides and various other rope-climbing facilities to trigger children’s imagination. The labyrinth enables kids to explore climbing, balancing, suspension, developing physical dexterity, coordination and strength. Children have endless possibilities to test themselves in a safe environment with climbing ramps, metal climbing nets or a spiral stainless steel tube. The sand represents the sea, while the red rubber cover represents the beach. The right side of the bridge has the equipment suitable for ages 1-3, including sandboxes in the shape of starfish, dolphin swings, and a baby slide in the shape of a ship. The beach atmosphere wouldn’t be complete without palm trees we scattered around the site.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: DBR Metro Project Directorate

Lead designer: Főmterv Zrt.

Constructor: Swietelsky Építő Kft., Park-Line Kertészeti Kft.

Size: 2.500 m2

Estimated cost: 45 000 000 HUF




The goal of the design was to create a nursery school garden where the children would have a greater opportunity to come in physical contact with their environment. The garden was designed to provoke, stimulate and involve children in their adventure to find the answers through experimentation.

In addition to the nursery's standard and customized requirements, there are countless additional stimuli and discoveries whether it's during entering the kindergarten or leaving back home in the afternoon. The entrance area is a unique environment of welcoming and saying farewell, the gateway to new adventures. To support this transition, we placed several play units so that parents and children can share these experiences.

In shaping the building and its courtyard it was of primary concern that each group room has as much access to the courtyard as possible. The group rooms on the upper floors are open to the garden while the outdoor events space connects to the building’s first wing in the first courtyard. The two levels are connected by a sloping system that offers the experience of running, sledging and roller-skating. Water and sand-based play furniture teaches children about cooperation, performation of shared tasks. Balancing tools bring new challenges to the children, while dollhouse-type tools help develop communication skills.

In the interest of awakening the senses of children, they can find several types of material in the garden. Touch, sight, hearing are stimulated by vegetation and play equipment.  When designing play equipment, it was essential for children not only to get ready-made products and shapes, but also to find toys that can be used for various purposes.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Budaörs

Lead designer: M-Teampannon Kft.

Size: 5.300 m2

Estimated cost: 115 000 000 HUF




When designing this newly built playground, we aimed to create a harmonious composition with its environment in both function and style. The hosting Fáy mansion-garden – located behind the mayor's office - is an English garden with baroque features. The playground draws from the style of typical landscape gardens accordingly.

The presence of playgrounds always has a positive effect on local community life. The surroundings of the mansion also become filled with life, decreasing the risk of potential damage to the monument which potentially becomes a landmark of local community awareness. The planned investment promotes the preservation of the built cultural heritage. The establishment of a refined green space- playground complex has a stimulating effect on social sensitivity; besides improving cooperative and problem solving skills, mental and physical integrity, and stamina of children and youth in the neighborhood.


Open space design
- construction plan

Client: Municipality of Gomba

Size: 2.430 m2