The site covers the broader settings of Ybl Miklós street and Szilárd Leó park. The main spatial layout of the area follows Nendvich Andor street along Ybl street to Szilárd Leó park. The space is constantly opening up, starting from the inner areas along the promenade to the renewed Uránbányász square. A more open, central space is created by the opening of spatial to reveal the buildings.

We slightly tilted the axis of Ybl Miklós street in order to widen the walkway into a promenade in front of deparment store ’Mecsek’ and the adjacent post office. This intervention allowed the Obelisque monument to the aviation heroes to be located on the axis line.

Along with new spatial structures we also added new functions that enhance the vitality of this setting. Instead of the former commercial functions, we proposed the establishment of outdoor terraces along the ground level buildings of Ybl Miklós street. We based our spatial concept on promoting pedestrian transit and community functions. We planted an allée of trees and established a walkway on both sides of Ybl Miklós street, Építők útja street and Uránbányász square. Along Esztergár Lajos street we left the existing plants on level with elevated planting beds and laid street paving similar to the one on the promenade. The structure of Uránbányász square is determined by pedestrian transit, this concept is enhanced with targeted paving architecture design.  The busiestpedestrian routes meet at the intersection of Esztergár Lajos utca and the post office building, therefore we lef this space open. The promenade begins at this buildings and continues towards the high-rise on the opposite side. The promenade’s water features give a vertical connection between the two units.

The spatial design of Frankel Leó park follows the same principle of arrangement, however, it dissolves the geometric shapes into larger green spaces and softens the built elements. The sculpture garden in the optical center of the park becomes an interactive space for meetings, leisure, exhibits or play, with geometrically-patterned seating walls, statues and shaped trees.


Design competition, II. prize

Host: Municipality of Pécs

Size: 38.500 m2